The Research and Strategic Planning team cracks the secret code of what moves the brand and its market. They set the brand’s goal and target. 

The Creative department converts the strategy into possible tactics to achieve brand’s goals. 

Media planning
The Media planning department channels the energy of the strategic and creative efforts through advertising venues, ie: advertising, marketing, and public relations, in the most effective and practical way for the brand and its goals.

Advertising has an important role - it must tell your brand’s story through a concept, image, tune, color and emotion. These are the tools the brand provides its audience to differentiate it from the competition, and creates a desire for it.

Media Buying
At Unique – Tzafrir we create a customized media plan for each client to ensure that you get the most for your advertising dollar. Whether purchasing for TV, radio, print, or outdoor media, our experienced media strategists and buyers combine their expertise with the power of purchase we enjoy as an international agency to ensure that you spend less and get more.

in order for advertising to be effective, it must sell the benefits of the product or service. All agencies claim to be creative... but will the message be understood by the viewer, and will it elicit the desired response? Regardless of the medium — television commercial, print ad or radio spot, the message must convey your advantage to the viewer, reader or listener.

Successful advertising takes a long-term commitment. Short-term advertising may get you noticed for the moment, but it does not build a brand. Building consumer confidence is the result of effective persuasion, the culmination of a series of messages which combine to influence a consumer’s choice.

Yossi Soffer is the founder and director of Unique Image Advertising in New York. Some of the accounts he has been responsible for are Sabra, Strauss-Elite, Boymelgreen Developers, Israir Airlines, LibertyPointe Bank, Manischewitz, and Valco Baby.

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Yossi Soffer is the founder and director of Unique Image Advertising in New York... Unique Image Advertising: Tapping the Strategic Jewish Market
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Leading the Pack: Explosive Orthodox Growth
One important factor accounting for the increased attendance in Jewish day schools and yeshivas is the explosive growth of the Orthodox Jewish community. While low birth rates for the Jewish population as a whole – less than 2 children per family – have led to an older population, the average number of children in a Jewish orthodox family in the U.S. is estimated at 6.4! This sector is increasingly affluent, and is also moving to the suburbs at a significant rate, supporting rapid expansion of Jewish infrastructure – including synagogues, schools, kosher restaurants and specifically Jewish retail stores – in all of the New York suburbs as well as in many cities and suburban communities around the United States.

According to Kosher Today magazine, “more than 4 million Jews read Jewish publications.” That’s promising for media and advertisers seeking to reach this dynamic element of American consumers; and with a burgeoning Orthodox community – particularly reliant on print media – amidst a maturing general population that is undergoing a dramatic revival of Jewish interest, this number will only increase. Indeed, the statistics suggest that the potential audience for Jewish publishing and advertising is currently up to 2½ times larger than this estimate – and opportunities loom large on the horizon.
Poised at the cutting edge of Jewish media, Unique Image Advertising has the deep understanding of the Jewish community, a wealth of experience and the fresh ideas to help you achieve your goals in the exciting and expansive world of Jewish communications.